Why women?

Why are we looking for women candidates?

Women For A Better Lee is a political action committee (PAC) made up of mostly women, which endorses great candidates regardless of gender.

We seek a caring, consultative style of leader. Lee County’s ”kitchen table” issues—like housing affordability, traffic safety, and caring for our local environment—aren’t being solved by current leadership, who often give the impression of caring most about keeping developers happy.

Successful leaders of either sex have some key qualities that this Commission needs badly:

  • Planners with a vision
    • They know from experience that things only happen when they have a plan for getting there.
    • They see the big picture and understand the ripple effects of decisions.
  • A nurturing spirit
    • They care about the community and the children and adults who live there.
    • They have a sense of being fair and just.
  • Good listeners
    • They seek out differing opinions and ask for advice.
    • They are not threatened by people with opposing views.
  • Problem solvers
    • They are used to seeking solutions from a range of voices and opinions.
    • They know how to build consensus on issues.
  • Value education and lifelong learning
    • They understand the importance of learning every aspect of a topic or situation.
    • They do their homework and are prepared to make decisions.
  • Effective team members
    • They don’t need to be the leaders in every discussion or project.
    • They take on tough assignments and share the rewards.
  • Collaborators
    • They’ve spent a lifetime working with others and understand that everyone wins when we work together.
    • They maintain and grow successful relationships.
  • Trusted and known for being honest and authentic in their relations with others.

Are these qualities that only women can have? Of course not. But they are qualities that are lacking in some of our current leaders—and great reasons to elect someone different.