Requirements to Run

For Lee County Board of County Commissioners

  • “[A]ny person at least 18 years of age who is a citizen of the United States, a legal resident of Florida and of Lee County” and registered to vote in the county.
  • Must reside in the Commission District from which he/she ran, but is elected on a county-wide basis.
  • Qualify for the ballot in one of two ways: (1) Pay a fee called an “election assessment,” or (2) Submit a petition signed by “at least one percent of the total number of registered voters of [Lee County].”
  • Filing fee for Lee County Commissioner in 2020 was $5,675.23 for partisan candidate, $3,783.36 for No Party Affiliation candidate.  Fee can be waived if candidate swears under oath that he or she “is unable to pay . . . without imposing an undue burden on personal resources or on resources otherwise available to him or her.”
  • First step must be to appoint treasurer and file Form DSDE 9 with the Lee Supervisor of Elections.
  • Must use Form DSDE 104 (“Candidate Petition Form”) to obtain signatures.  (SOE Handout)
  • Pay SOE a verification fee of $.10 per signature submitted
  • If you are seriously considering candidacy, we advise starting by consulting with the Supervisor of Elections at (239) 533-8683.