About Us

Women For a Better Lee (WFBL), is a nonpartisan political action committee that encourages and supports women candidates for elective office in Lee County and its municipalities.  Women in political office encourage transparency, foster collaboration, and promote policies aimed at improving the quality of life for all.

WFBL is led by a Steering Committee responsible for day-to-day decision-making, assisted by a Brain Trust of influential and successful women who help shape strategy, positions on issues, and outreach activities. Membership is open to men and women; there are no membership fees.  

We are working to elect women committed to:

  • DEMONSTRATING ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP: working to protect wetlands and preserving open space, advocating for water quality and responsible development; 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY: seeking public input at all meetings, including workshops and hearings, repealing criminal penalties on citizens’ communications with county commissioners on land use/zoning issues, and allowing the public adequate time to speak at zoning hearings.  
  • ENRICHING OUR QUALITY OF LIFE: adopting strategies that will improve future planning, minimizing traffic congestion and reducing bike and pedestrian casualties on our roadways. 

HOW:  Throughout history, women of all ages, races, ethnicity, and occupations working together towards a common goal are a potent force.  Above all, women do not believe that matters impacting their families’ quality of life, health, and environment are partisan issues.  WFBL will leverage the energy and enthusiasm of Lee County women and mobilize them to effect change for all.

OUR VISION: A livable community governed by elected individuals who are accountable and transparent, responsive and receptive to residents’ concerns, and committed to fairness for all by putting citizens’ needs above those of self- or special interests.

OUR MISSION:  To empower and elect women to public office committed to accountability and transparency, environmental stewardship, and a better quality of life for all Lee County citizens.

WFBL POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE:  The WFBLPAC was established to raise funds for women candidates in Lee County. The PAC seeks donations to assist candidates with fundraising, outreach activities, advertising and collectively support WFBL-endorsed women candidates.   It is not authorized by any candidate or any candidate’s committee and donations are not tax deductible.