April 2022 “Cha-Ching”

Hands out — again

First, the numbers:  As of April 30, 2022, Cecil Pendergrass’s campaign treasury now totals $211,283; Brian Hamman’s, $196,879.  Developers and developer-related entities contributed 66% of Cecil’s total; for Brian that percentage held steady at 47%. 

Recently, we came across an thoughtful piece written by Amanda Taub and published in the New York Times about corruption in Russia:

“We tend to think of corruption as a failure of morality, when a greedy person decides to benefit by steering public resources toward private gain.  But while that’s not exactly untrue, it misses the most important thing:  namely, that corruption is a group activity.  You need bribe-payers and bribe-takers, resource-diverters and resource resellers, look-the-other-wayers and demand-a-share-of-the-takers.

When that kind of corrupt network behavior becomes widespread, it creates its own parallel system of rewards – and punishments.

‘What is different with systemic corruption is that it’s the expected behavior,” Anna Persson, political scientist at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, who studies corruption.  ‘These expectations make it very difficult for all individuals, actually, to stand against corruption, because it’s very costly in all different ways to resist that kind of system.”

We watch because you can’t.

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