Jim Sheets for District 4

Jim Sheets
Jim Sheets, write-in candidate for District 4

He comes across as a laid-back guy with a passion for local politics. But don’t let his folksy charm lull you. From his experience as a Vietnam-era fighter pilot to his years as a tenacious trial attorney, Jim Sheets is a whip-smart fighter with wide-ranging skills.

Jim spent 25 years in a courtroom, as a prosecutor, private attorney, and deciding cases as a magistrate. In addition to running his law firm as a founding partner, he worked throughout the United States as a security and executive protection consultant to business and industry, running the business when his partner died. He has demonstrated his commitment to the community through his military service, as well as serving as a zoning commissioner in Ohio. 

Historic Vietnam-era photo shows Jim Sheets in uniform, about to climb into a fighter jet
Jim Sheets was formerly a fighter pilot

The depth of his experience alone makes Jim Sheets a superior choice for county commissioner in District 4.

His commitment to the ideal of democracy makes Jim Sheets an exceptional choice. He is declining all donations, refusing to be beholden to anyone but his constituents and advocates for accountability to citizens rather than donors. How refreshing.

Lee County needs a commissioner who will stand up for residents and will not be swayed by money offered by developers or other interests. Jim has experience as a business owner, as a leader, and as a public servant.  He can balance the needs of businesses while also protecting the environment and quality of life of Lee County’s residents.